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When your truck starts to break down, you want a team that knows all about the wear and tear that long weeks out on the road can bring. At L&L Mechanical, we're a local repair and maintenance shop located in Grand-Barachois, NB composed of trucking specialists with unparalleled knowledge and ability.

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About Us

Guaranteed maintenance and repair for your diesel truck.

About Us

Featuring the most experienced mechanics and the most customer-oriented service, L&L Mechanical is the leader for comprehensive diesel truck and trailer, maintenance and repair in New Brunswick. Known far and wide, we work with both local and province-wide companies as well as truck drivers stuck on the road in need of help.

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Everything Your Truck Needs

We're comprehensive, which means that if it's about diesel trucks, then it's our business and we can do it. Check out our trucking services to the below to learn more.

Having your truck inspected on a regular basis may be a pain, but the truth is that it has to be done - not only to control emissions but also to ensure that you and other drivers are safe on Canadian roads. L&L Mechanical has full truck inspection services for all makes and models completed by experts and at affordable prices.

Whether you've got one or a fleet of 100, our inspection services can be tailored to the exact needs of your transport company. We can set up an organized plan for inspection visits to keep as many trucks on the road as possible and have you in and out of the L&L Mechanical shop quickly and without issue.

As one the most respected truck inspection and repair shop in New Brunswick, L&L Mechanical provides complete and comprehensive inspections that take a look at your mechanical, electrical, cooling, and other truck systems to make sure they're working correctly. Truck drivers in the know choose us because they trust we're delivering the highest quality inspection to keep them safe.

A full-service truck diagnosticss is easy. Just call L&L Mechanical at 506-532-9105 and schedule your diagnostics visit today.

Many people might think of vehicle inspections in New Brunswick as an unnecessary trouble to be completed every year. While most modern trucks will pass an inspection easily and with flying colors, the service performed by L&L Mechanical has additional benefits that could help you save a considerable amount of money.
An inspection may cover emissions and other major concerns, but what's really happening when L&L looks at your vehicle is that we are simply making sure that it is still safe for driving on many different road types. By performing high quality inspections we're doing our part to keep Canada safe and reduce the number of preventable accidents on Canadian roads. 

In addition to the required checks of a Motor vehicle inspection, L&L's mechanics will also take the time to perform a top to bottom, A-Z look at your truck or trailer and find seemingly hidden areas that could use an upgrade or attention, from aligning tires for better fuel efficiency to catching exhaust/DEF and many other problems before they start. We are here to help, We are a MVI provider you can trust.

Don't put off your vehicle inspection. Call today! - Dial 506-532-9105 and make an appointment with L&L Mechanical.

If you own a truck and trailer in New Brunswick, then you know how important it is to find a good mechanic for your scheduled maintenance. The team at L&L Mechanical are true pros and we know just how your valuable truck needs to be treated. Our attention to detail is unparalleled and our wealth of experience means your preventive maintenance will be done in no time.

From Mack to Volvo and International to Peterbilt, scheduled maintenance needs can be quite different between each manufacturer. L&L Mechanical understands these differences and all of our truck maintenance uses a case-by-case approach directed by the manufacturer instead of a single checklist that's applied to every truck. With us, you'll have the maintenance you need.

All of our truck scheduled maintenance packages at L&L can be combined with a full check-up to make sure that all systems are functioning efficiently at the same time. We'll check your brakes, run diagnostics, and test everything from cabin air conditioning to engine power to have your truck at optimal performance and as safe as possible.

For reliable and professionally completed truck and trailer maintenance in New Brunswick, there's only one option. Call L&L Mechanical today at 506-532-9105.

Nothing is worse than damaging your truck's engine by forgetting to get an oil change.
Unfortunately, plenty of truck owners in Canada have had just that problem, but L&L Mechanical has a solution. Our easy and convenient truck oil changes can either be scheduled in advance or without notice - once you're in our system, we'll remind you when your next truck oil change might be due.

At the L&L Mechanical shop, our space has been designed with truck lube, oil, and filter service in mind. There is easy access to our service bays and our efficient workflow means that we'll be able to quickly take care of what you need with a minimum amount of downtime for you or your truck or trailer.

All truck lube services in New Brunswick are not of the same quality. While some may use inferior oil brands and generic filters, you can rest assured that L&L Mechanical is not like the rest. We never compromise on the quality of materials and parts and each service with us will use only the best.

Fast truck lube, oil, and filter jobs by L&L Mechanical are just around the corner. Call us at 506-532-9105 or drop by our Grand-Barachois shop.

Even the best truck drivers in Canada will routinely have tire and wheel problems. With so much time on the road and so many miles logged, having the right tire and wheel service provider matters. At L&L Mechanical, we are the professionals and all of our services are completed with care for your truck.

From installation to wheel torquing, L&L Mechanical is able to complete any tire or wheel service you need. We have access to a large inventory on hand to speed up the replacement process and will happily help you find the right tire and wheel models for your truck's exact need.

Fleet operators in New Brunswick with many trucks may find our corporate packages beneficial. With L&L Mechanical as your local partner for truck tire and wheel services, we'll routinely inspect your trucks to make sure there are no tire or wheel issues that need to be corrected. In this manner, we'll be able to stop unsafe blowouts before they happen, thus increasing safety for your drivers.

When quality is important for your truck's tires and wheels, call L&L Mechanical in Grand-Barachois at 506-532-9105.

At L&L Mechanical, we're specialized on diesel engine repairs for Mack, Volvo, International, and all other makes. With us, you'll have a team of mechanics that know what they're doing and capable of providing advanced engine repair services.

Truck engine repairs is what we do and our service includes everything from dealing with complex repairs for cracked exhaust systems to simply changing out the turbos, cooling systems, or ECM units. With every truck repair we do, we'll keep you informed about what we're doing and why to give you complete control to decide whether you want the repair or not.

While some other truck repair shops in Canada may cut corners, L&L Mechanical believes that your safety and your truck's longevity depend on the quality of the repairs we make. As such, any truck engine repair job will feature high quality parts that always meet or exceed the manufacturer requirements.

Instead of trusting your truck's engine to a less-than-qualified repair shop, call L&L Mechanical at 506-532-9105 and get a true professional.

Inside a diesel truck, the electrical system can range from quite simple to extremely complicated, which means you need an electrical systems specialist that knows how to perform repairs and upgrades on even tricky setups. L&L Mechanical is exactly that type of provider and our electrical specialist have the skills necessary and technology to make any installation or repair you need.

From the start, we'll pull your truck into one of the service bays at our facility to assess the current electrical system status using advanced diagnostic computer. We can read all codes and which inform us of your specific problem of the electrical system. If it is not performing properly, we'll make the necessary changes to get back to a functional status.

For truck electrical system upgrades, we're able to replace complete wire harnesses, install electronics, and much more to make your truck cabin a more comfortable and functional space. For many local drivers in New Brunswick, L&L Mechanical has delivered custom electrical solutions that have greatly improved their lives while on the road.

Call L&L Mechanical at 506-532-9105 for dependable and high-quality electrical systems work in Grand-Barachois that elevates your truck's performance.

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